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Our Personal Trainer has a passion for working with people of all shapes and sizes and helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.

We would like to share our knowledge with as many people as possible, with regards to lifestyles, common trends and goals. We are an online personal training business which means anyone can contact us for personalised programs and plans but we'd like to be a little bit more involved with our clients as well. That is why we offer a range of services, from body composition tests to bootcamps.

We assist clients with a clear understanding of the value of healthy food and nutrition, with the help of our well-balanced eating plans. We integrate this with a diverse exercise routine to ensure that you are meeting your daily exercise requirements without over training, as well as acquiring the correct training for your physique goals. Our training programs are devised to improve core strength, and to incorporate functional and high intensity interval training (HIIT), that are most successful at fat loss, muscle formation and overall body strength and tone

Our main focus is on creating a better standard of living for people. Our concern for people today, are the issues of not being active enough and eating the wrong things. We are not about 'fad diets', but rather well- balanced eating plans and guidelines along with an exercise program that will promote the attendance of exercise training.

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What we offer you

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training means that you can be anywhere in the world to join us. The benefit of gaining an online personal trainer is that you are limitless, you can train anywhere and are not restricted to a specific training method or equipment. With the expertise and skills of our personal trainer we will provide you with a nutritious meal plan and a training program to suit your physical abilities and goals. Weekly progress reports will assist us in monitoring your progress throughout our online programs.

You will have access to your personal trainer via various means of social mediums additional to telephonic and personal communication with her. There are other medical practitioners with M&D Health and they are also available for your assistance, via your personal trainer.

Backyard Bootcamp

Daily bootcamp offered by our personal trainer in the Durban and Westville areas. These hour long training sessions are a combination of functional cardiovascular, strength and weight loss training methods. We utilize all outdoor equipment to gain the most of our bootcamp style training for our clients, such as tyres, stairs, ladders and many more. A great way to start or end the day for the whole family to enjoy.

Fitness assessment

A fitness assessment includes a preparticipation health screening, resting physiologic measurements (heart rate, blood pressure, height and weight) and various other measurements to determine a person’s health and wellbeing.

Body Composition Test

Using a skinfold caliper and measuring tools to estimate the amount of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin. Calculating the body fat percentages using a series of measurements with the relevant skinfold results and additional body assessments.

Biomechanical Assessment

This is a thorough screening by our chiropractors to make sure you are able to participate to the best physical abilities you can. This is an overall assessment of your physique to make you aware of your own abilities and weaknesses. Additional exercises could be given as well as advice for follow up treatments.

I have been enjoying this journey with MD Fitness. The exercise plans as well as the eating plans are great. The first two weeks I lost almost 2 kgs and the third week it was down by 2.5 kgs. As I continued with the journey, it got tougher and tougher to fit in my exercise plan as well as my dietary requirements, but I still made time and I knew the results would be great. After the 5th week it all started to become apart of my lifestyle, wherever I went and no matter what activities I had planned, I stuck to the rules and guidelines. I can feel my body getting stronger and each week I push myself to the next level, and I push harder. My weight didn't stay down, yet I can feel and see the muscle forming. I can feel a difference within my body. I cannot wait to continue with this journey and use the help MD Fitness has given me throughout my life. I do not want this to be a once off diet to loose quick weight and then go back to eating what I want without considering whether it is good for me or not, I want this to be a life lesson and a life journey to live the healthiest, possible life I can and feel good about my body and know that I am treating my body right. MD Fitness has helped me to strive for the best body I could possibly have.

Bianca Botha, La Lucia
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