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Sport massage is a deep tissue massage technique designed to access deeper layers of soft tissue, working on a specific joint, muscle or muscle group.

Sports massage can alleviate stress and tension in muscles through stimulating mechanoreceptors along with improving circulation to muscle tissue. This form of therapy reduces muscle stiffness along with cramping by removing any excess lactic acid build up after any vigorous form of physical activity.

Massage therapy is known to reduce the likely hood of injury through regular treatment as this improves the rate of physiological recovery.

Regular massage therapy can improve muscle tone along with improving flexibility and posture. It also has an effect on the psychological side by improving ones quality of sleep and create a feeling of physical well-being.

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Treatments offered

Pregnancy Massage

This massage can help to alleviate some of the uncomfortable symptoms women often get when pregnant. Swelling in the lower legs can be reduced with massage and helps to relieve lower back ache. Particular positioning is required.

Sport Massage Therapies

Pre and Post training requires regular massage to invigorate the muscles before the event, and Post event is a slower, more superficial en training massage to drain the lymph and get rid of lactic acid; a by-product of vigorous exercising.

Bella Bacci Cup Therapy

A small silicone dome shaped massager used to perform a vacuum massage. A trusted way to detox the body, relieve muscular pain, eliminate cellulite and improve the appearance of stretchmarks.

Remedial Massage

The overall aim of treatment is to be able to enhance performance and prevent injury.

Hot Stone Therapy

The use of smooth basalt rocks, heated to a comfortable temperature, applied to the skin by the therapist, ensures a therapeutic, nurturing treatment.

Indian Head Massage

(without the use of oils) Invigorating and nurturing, this massage stimulates the scalp. A good remedy for headaches and hair growth.


Aims to stimulate specific points on the foot or hands to treat disorders of corresponding internal organs.


(Universal life force energy) A non invasive form of "laying on of hands." Lightly touching the client, energy is moved where it is needed the most.

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